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The Power of Suffering

Nick Vujicic – A person born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a body with no limb to function with, overcame many obstacles as a child, including bullying and depression. The world still recognizes this name as a famous motivational speaker and author. Vujicic appears to be the one in need of hope, but he teaches the entire world about hope and inspiration through his speeches and publications. He traveled to over sixty countries and met millions of individuals, inspiring and motivating them to live a more fulfilling life. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Vujicic states, "I don't need arms and legs to be happy. I just need a purpose, and I think that's the biggest message that I can share with people."

How does Nick Vujicic seem so content with his life? What philosophy does he apply to life to find such purposefulness and happiness?

The answer lies in the most important aspect of our survival; he learned to suffer. It means Nick Vujicic embraced his weaknesses and life sufferings, transforming those pains to cultivate something meaningful and inspiring. He knew he had to live his whole life in these circumstances, so why not accept this fully and shape it into contentment and purpose?

Suffering is a vital part of our life, and we all are familiar with it in one way or another. However, its impact on anybody depends on individual resilience, grit, and mental stability. It is a general perception that suffering is a negative experience, and we must avoid it. But the truth is that your life sufferings are much more than just painful experiences. Another aspect of your distresses is bright in nature and holds great things for your life.

This aspect of your suffering will emerge as you learn to:

  • Positively channel your pain and hurt.

  • See pitfalls as opportunities to grow and succeed rather than a hindrance.

  • Learn to live with them instead of avoiding them.

But the question of the century is how someone can see these miseries as a means for happy and meaningful life when they seem to be doing precisely the opposite of that. This sure is possible, and Nick Vujicic's life is the finest manifestation of this philosophy. To live such a life, we need to change our perspective and see our difficulties more than discomfort. How do we do this? By incorporating the following practices in life.

Accept Suffering as an Imperative Part of Life

Firstly, accepting that suffering is an inevitable part of life can help us to develop resilience and inner strength. When we face difficult situations, we can choose to see them as prospects for growth and learning. This mindset shift can help us conquer our challenges and emerge stronger and more confident.

Feel Gratitude

Secondly, when we learn to live with suffering, we can grow a deeper appreciation for the good things in life. We learn to savor moments of joy and happiness, knowing that they are fleeting and not to be taken for granted. This can direct to a greater sense of gratitude and contentment in life.

Find Purpose in the Dark

Finally, living with suffering can give us a sense of purpose and meaning. When we are faced with problematic situations, we may feel called to help others who are going through similar experiences. By using our own suffering as a source of empathy and compassion, we can transform their lives positively, bringing a sense of fulfillment and purpose.

Eyes Wide Open: Learning to Suffer

Learn How to Experience Suffering Positively

While we exist in this world as humans, we are going to confront obstacles and hardships along the road. There is no denying it. Nevertheless, with a shift of viewpoint, we can transform our sufferings into joy. If you're still perplexed by this occurrence, read Jason Sharp's motivating book Eyes Wide Open.

The book explains how suffering can be the source of our true joy and contentment. The author, narrating his own life experiences, sheds light on why we need to face setbacks in our life with wide-open eyes, how this practice makes us resilient and mentally powerful, and how we get polished and refined as an individual when we learn to suffer. The book's account is inspiring, lucid, and illuminating.

If you want to transform your life for the best, include this masterpiece on the must-have shelf in your library today. Mark your calendar for the release date and gear up to experience life excellence to the fullest!

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