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'Til I Get On Back Home:
Your Soldier Daddy's Adventure

Written By Jason Sharp

Illustrations By Kamela Begum

In "'Til I Get On Back Home,” author Jason L. Sharp writes a short story of hardship and military family separation for children. This children's book is his Christmas present to his three sons before his 2024 year long deployment. 

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Eyes Wide Open:
Learning to Suffer

In "Eyes Wide Open: Learning to Suffer,” Chicago native, author and veteran Jason L. Sharp shares a heart-wrenching story of perseverance and triumph over unimaginable adversity.

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From The Heartland to The Epicenter - A Nurses Heroic Journey to Save Lives.

By Nayeli Bustillos

A Kansas City nurse's journey from the the heartland to the epicenter of the COVID out break in New Rochelle, NY. 

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Persuasive Leadership

By Jason Sharp et al.

In the world of Persuasive Leadership, we dive deep into the wisdom of top business visionaries who've harnessed the magic of persuasion to elevate their collaborative prowess and achieve unparalleled success. This book isn't just for the corporate elite – it's a goldmine of actionable insights for anyone hungry to amplify their influence and transform aspirations into tangible achievements.

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